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How to Become a Successful Group Kaiser Health Insurance Broker

By October 16, 2017April 18th, 2022No Comments

San Jose Insurance BrokerHow to Become a Successful Group Kaiser Health Insurance Broker?

Kaiser Permanente is one of the reputed insurance providers out there that offers different types of insurance plans. Similarly, it also has a wide range of plans that are designed to meet the specific needs of a small business.

It also offers many resources to help new brokers get started with doing business with them. Finally, the application process is fairly simple as well, and if you’re qualified to become an insurance broker, you may get approved in less than 10 days.

However, despite these things, you may still need to educate yourself about many different things if you want to become a successful group Kaiser health insurance broker, or a successful insurance broker of any company for that matter.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at those things, which can make or break a new insurance broker.

Being Patient

One of the common mistakes many new group health insurance brokers make is trying to rush the selling process. This is especially a big mistake while selling to businesses, as there may be many formalities involved and it may require the suggestions or approval of many different officials of the company.

That being said, while you need to be patient with the selling process, you should also understand when to move it along. You need to provide the information the business is looking for, or may help it take the right decision. You would also want to build a relationship with the client at the same time, in order to turn them into a long-term one.

Identifying the “Quality” of Leads

It can be very frustrating for a new insurance broker to lose leads that they put in a lot of time and efforts to get. That being said, it’s an important skill to learn for an insurance broker to be able to get an idea of the quality of leads.

So basically, you would want to focus on the most qualified leads and avoid the ones that may waste your time (and still may not result in a sale).

Back Your Claims with “Logic”

Exaggerating the facts and talking only about the rates are considered old-school tactics and don’t work effectively anymore. Instead, you may want to back your claims with logic, so that they make perfect sense to the potential client.

You should be more focused on understanding the business’ goals and offering a solution accordingly, instead of doing the same sales talk every time you meet a potential client. You can use the resources Kaiser Permanente offers to its brokers, and it may definitely help you find better plan choices for your potential clients.

Building a Relationship

Perhaps the only thing that used to work a decade back, and still works, and may also work for the next few decades or so in the insurance industry is building a relationship with your clients. It’s the best way to connect to your clients and get to know their requirements better.

And when the requirements are clear, you can come up with an effective solution and convincing explanation.