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The Importance Of Having Group Health Insurance For Your Business

By July 2, 2018April 18th, 2022No Comments

What Is Business Group Health Insurance?

Business group health insurance is also known as employer-sponsored or job-based health insurance. This is a type insurance policy that an employer offers to employees. It’s also available to the dependents of the employees.

The employer and employee splits the premium costs. Included in this type of policy is a percentage rate that the company must pay, for the premium. Premiums can increase after careful evaluation of the previous healthcare cost for the group.

Group health insurance allows for the risk to be spread equally among the people on the insurance. With this spreading of risk, an insurance company can offer insurance at a discount.

The Importance Of Having Group Health Insurance

Employees are important to your business. For your business to be successful, you must keep the people working for you protected. The way for you to do this is to have protection for them in the form of group health insurance. Group health insurance creates an opportunity for employees to get comprehensive protection at an affordable price.

If an employee gets injured, and they need medical attention this insurance helps to provide them with coverage. Whenever they or the persons included on their insurance need medical care, they can receive it more affordable than if they did not have this insurance.

How To Get Group Health Insurance

To get the right group health insurance, you must find the right company for your business. The right company is one who takes the time to work with you to create a policy that fits your business.

They will take the time to sit with you and carefully look over your business to help you to find the right protection for your business. Another good way to get the best protection for your business is to work with a broker.

Kaiser Permanente is one such company that works with you to get the protection you need. They offer affordable healthcare for businesses who need it.


Protecting your employees is the best thing you can do for the growth of your business. Keeping your staff protected helps them to trust you more. It helps to feel like you care about them. Group health insurance is an affordable way to protect your business. In this post, we looked at what group health insurance is, why it’s important and what you can do to get it for your business. So protect your employees today when you get group health insurance.